Artist Profile

Ginny Barkman, nee Bucklew, Watercolor and Ukrainian Egg Artist
Born: Columbus, Ohio - April 24, 1952

Ginny Barkman is an artist working and seeking expertise in several different mediums. For nearly 20 years she worked only in wax and dye on eggshell, (pysanky). Recently she has enjoyed working with watercolors, pen and ink, watercolor pencil and photographing various subjects for her artwork and webpages. Ginny is a self-taught artist, gleaning information on technique from reading, experimenting, attending workshops and working with other artists.

Over the course of 20 years, her eggshell artwork has changed and expanded to include many contemporary pieces including subjects from her own imagination and those from her photography and sketchbook. Her style has come to include acid-etching techniques, as well. In a desire to expand to other mediums, Ginny has begun experimenting with watercolors, ink and watercolor pencil. She works in a realistic manner and likes bright and intense subjects, harking back to the colorful dyes she works with in her eggwork. She has also done some woodcarving and plans to pursue work in encaustics.

Ginny's British Columbia studio is located in her home and has large windows, and lots of light. It looks out on a large deck that has a wonderful view of the Little Shuswap Lake. Spring-flowering trees grow up around it on all sides. She has a bird feeder that becomes a focal point for a lot of her photography. Inside her home, there are eggs in unlikely places -- on top of bookcases, in shoeboxes and in various stages from "no design yet" to "fully completed" works. Her watercolors, also in various stages, sit waiting for further pondering, with the finished ones hanging. Also sharing the studio are two computers, (her other favorite pastime). She enjoys creating webpages to display her own work as well as websites dedicated to the Shuswap Sockeye Salmon, computer railroading, and birding in the Shuswap. She has created commercial sites for a canna seller and a pysanky dye seller, as well. She has plans for a photography site that will feature pictures from Mainland China, taken by her daughter.

Ginny says that although she never had the opportunity to pursue education in an art-related field, she does feel that the many college courses she took in biology, botany and mammalogy have helped her take careful note of the plants and animals she portrays in her artwork. Her extensive work in technical mathematics has given her much skill in her execution of traditional geometric designs. She took coursework in wax sculpture, painting, drawing and Art History at Ohio State University.

Education 1970-1975: Attended Ohio State University. Graduated from Ohio State with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education. Her particular emphasis was field biology.

Art Related Experience:

1970-1975 -Art Courses at Ohio State University, concurrent with Science Education Degree;

1983 -Conducted various "Pysanky" workshops and classes in the Ashland, Illinois area;

1984-1989 -Conducted various workshops in Sioux City, Iowa and West Bloomfield, Michigan;

1990-1996 -Taught workshops to adults and school children in Casper, Wyoming area.

1990 -Featured artist for a Woman's Retreat, Casper, Wyoming;

1997 to present -Owns and operates "GBarkman Art & Design" 1166 Okanagan, Chase, BC;

1999 -Featured Artist for Artist for ArtQuest, Inc, St. Louis, Missouri, April 1999;

2000 -Helped organize and participated in the Annual Chase Art Show, Chase, BC;

2000 -Helped organize and contributed to the creation of a memorial booklet of artwork honoring past member and president of the Chase Artist Group, Mac Aberdeen;

2000-2001 -Current officer in the Chase Artist Group;

2000 -Participated in the 2000 Shuswap Festival of the Arts as an artist in Watercolor and Pysanky, winning a Juror's Choice Award for her "Relentless Travellers", a Sockeye Salmon subject, using aniline dye on waxed ostrich eggshell.

Ginny's work is in collections in Canada, The United States, Africa, China and Europe. She maintains a domain on the Internet at and is the winner of a 4 Diamond Award for her Ukrainian Egg Website.


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