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Highland Valley 2004 goes gold.
Work has started on the Shuswap Sub CP mainline through Chase.
Thompson Valley sees summer excursions.

New Screenshots: Adams Lake Logging: Jan 5/2005

Loading lumber at Midway mill.

FA1 pulls into the station.

Southbound daily Passenger train making a quick stop.

Are they suppposed to be working?.

Wayfeight pulling empty logcars wait's patiently in the hole.

Even a shortline can run an Observation car.


Fast freight westbound rolling into Chase with Jade Mountain in the background.

Thats my house on the hill just to the right of the locomotive.

The plate girder bridge crossing Chase Creek with unfinished area behind the train.

Another shot of Jade Mountain from 2nd Avenue.

Heading west with 2nd Avenue and a few houses in place with a lot more to come.

Containers rolling past Little Shuswap Lake.

Chase Memorial park on the right, Mattey's hill and cliffs on the left.

Containers pulled by a pair of SD40's.

Heading west towards Chase, the beach on the right.

A pair of Dash 9's rounding Little Shuswap Lake.

Mattey's Hill as seen from the lake.

Looking towards the Chase beach, wharf and some unfinished scenery.

Memorial Park in Chase with the TransCanada highway climbing up the hill in the distance .

Running below the cliffs.

Highland Valley now on the downloads page

CP FA2's roll through Greenwood on the Highland Valley RR.

This Trainz site is based on the Railsim from Auran, an Australian company. Good railsims are few and far between and Trainz looks to step into the void. Look things over here and then get right over the the Trainz site immediately! TRS2004 is now the latest release and has many new features, fixes and content.

Service pack 1 is available now from the Auran website. SP2 will be coming early in 2004.

Paintshed is still available as well and there's a chance that Auran will do a 3D Painshed in the future.


This is a pic of me wearing my "cherished" Auran T-shirt, signed by the whole Trainz Team.
If you click on my back, you will go right to their website, just like magic!!! Amazing eh? Those guys can do anything. (I really wish that a slap on the back could send me to Australia, just that easy!) Are you listening, Auran??? That's my next request!

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