Naturally Dyed Eggs:
Onion Skin Dye and Plant Material Decoration

These chicken eggs were dyed using yellow onion skin. I blew the eggs out prior to decoration. Since the eggs needed to boil (and not float) in order for the shell to color, I refilled the eggs with water using a syringe. Then I laid ferns and other small plants on the surface of the shell and tied nylon stocking material over them. By tying the nylon to the back and attaching it with a twist tie, the plant material stayed firm enough against the shell to block the action of the dye. A little bit of looseness gave some detail to the plant impression. Tighter nylons made whiter impressions. My skins were boiled until the water "colored" and then I added the shells. I added more water to any shells that seemed to float. Depending on how long the shells boiled, various colors were achieved. Also, some plants actually transferred a yellow color to the shell. I also experimented with beet juice, a couple of blueberries and tumeric added to some of the onion skin water. This achieved the paler beige color.

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