The Artwork of Joe Morgan

Joe was born and raised in the interior of British Columbia where he still resides near Shuswap Lake. His superb original compositions in black and white are clean and clear and show a visionary perceptiveness rare in one so young. Each picture tells a story of magic and mystic within the intricacies of finely detailed shapes blending together in harmony. His art works are flavoured by his love of archaeology, anthropology and history. almost ahead of his time, he is truly an up and coming artist of the twenty-first century.

Legend Tree Limited Edition Print

Legend Tree

21-1/4" x 20"

Limited Edition Print of 60

Retail $100 CDN

The Legend Tree is a symbol of that which is unseen by most, but to the trained eye, may be deciphered. As the mind is opened, so are the eyes... to much more than visualized before. The impossibilities of today become the realities of tomorrow, but in distant tomorrows lie possibilities so grand as to be unthinkable today.

Festival Award Winner

Mayan Warrior King

20" x 26"

Limited Edition Print of 100

Retail $100 CDN

The figurehead represents the epoch of the Mayan civilization. Mostly unbeknownst in your scrambled past, the Mayan people built lengthy roads and left ruins of once populated cities, even upon the rocky peaks of towering mountains. Columbus did not "discover" America.

Festival Award Winner

Mayan Warrior King Limited Edition Print
Genesis Limited Edition Print


20-3/4" x 19-1/2"

Limited Edition Print of 100

Retail $100 CDN

The wizard walks alone, for alone he is, as God of this earth. The picture shows the tree of knowledge in its early days before it was defined in its creation. The tree is seen as though in a dream, where the vision is neither perfect nor clear and cannot be focused upon by dreaming eyes. In the beginning there was light, and since then, history.


"Food of the Gods"

20" x 24-1/8"

Limited Edition Print of 100

Retail $100 CDN

Ambrosia is thought, for only thought can excel the human race to a height unreached before. Without it, we would only be another earthly animal, struggling for survival. It allows us to envision the impossible and alter it to become the possible. In ancient times the gods brought thought to the people and the people used it well. For now look upon us, the world is full of the impossibilities of past man. The future yet holds the answers to questions our generations cannot even conceive.

Festival Award Winner

Ambrosia Limited Edition Print
Faces & Emotions Limited Edition Print

Faces & Emotions

16" x 20"

Limited Edition Print of 50

Retail $50 CDN

Many faces or masks are presented to the world by mankind. Although we can fool the world with our expressions - the eyes, the mirrors of the soul, give away the torment within. And nothing changes even when viewed upside down.

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Detail of Legend Tree Detail of Mayan Warrior King Detail of Genesis Detail of Ambrosia