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Ukrainian Egg Design and Decorating by Ginny Barkman

Thank you for taking time to visit my site. What you see here is a collection of some of my work from almost the beginning of my experience until this date. My initial work was set in traditional design almost 20 years ago, following strict adherence to traditional patterns. Over the years, I have experimented with various shell types and techniques. I believe there is a vast aspect beyond where this medium or discipline is presently. I am always coming up with new ideas that I can't wait to try. My work encompasses from the strict traditional, through the contemporary, to the eclectic. (Information about the artist, technique and history can be found at this link.)

Some of my very earliest eggs are available for view. Each one is a goose egg approximately 4 inches in length. Some are patterns I have remade time and time again. By clicking on this link, EARLY EGGS you can view them.

Any design can be placed on an egg, but the traditional designs often suit the best. They have special "symbolic" meaning in picture and color. In making a traditional egg for someone, I always try to provide the most complete explanation possible for the symbols on each egg, attempting to match the design and colors with the purpose for creating the egg.

Creating an original non-traditional work is fun for me because I can push the medium to the edge of its limit, trying new techniques and designs. Currently I am working on some special commission "REMEMBRANCE EGGS". These are created from the special memories of my customers via their own photographs. This egg makes for a unique gift or a personal remembrance. An example is shown at this link.

I enjoy creating works from subjects I have photographed in nature. One of my favorite animals is the sockeye salmon that spawn in our area. The link connects to pictures of the beautiful salmon that we have photographed locally.

Located to the right is a traditional
style goose egg, with a fish design.
This egg, "Tribute to the Adam's
River Sockeye" was created in 1998
commemorating the dominant
run of that year.

This year's most recent creation "Relentless Travellers" is a contemporary wax-resist work on ostrich shell. By clicking on the single picture, you can see a larger example of this picture and 2 other views showing the egg from different sides. To view various other ostrich eggs use the menu link OSTRICH EGGS.

I have completed a great deal of artwork over the years, including specially designed works. One of my eggs was given as a wedding gift to a family member of the historic Goose Egg Ranch in Wyoming. My work can be found residing in various locations within the United States (at least 14 states), Canada, the continents of Africa and Europe and the island of Haiti. Most likely, they are places that I am not aware of or can remember.

My eggs have been used as Easter decorations, corporate and private display art, Christmas ornaments, wedding, anniversary, baby, and birthday gifts. The nice thing about this kind of gift is that it can be personalized for the occasion. My eggs can be designed according to customer requests— creating a totally unique piece. I normally work on ostrich, goose, duck (blue and white) and brown, blue and white chicken shells. I have used various spotted shells from time to time in my work as well.

Most all my eggs are for sale. And I alway welcome requests for new commissions. Current work on hand can be viewed from the menu link OTHER EGGS. The Internet allows me to provide customers with an advance "view" of their specific piece of artwork at any stage along the way to insure complete satisfaction. My newest photos are taken with a Sony Mavica FD-7 digital camera and permit "almost instant" posting on the internet. A phone call or e-mail is all it takes to see the next stage of work. This menu link, THE DRAWING BOARD, gives an example of some "in-progress" work photographed in the past.

One of my first non-traditional attempts on larger shell. It is an "osprey" with its spreading wings reaching 3/4 of the way around an ostrich egg. The egg is perched atop some of our famous British Columbia driftwood. This ostrich egg is a unique titled piece, "The World on the Wings of an Osprey". It is in a private collection in South Carolina.

Here is an example of the tiniest egg I have ever decorated. This is the "transformation" of a non-fertile cockatiel egg. These small eggs paper thin shells that require extremely delicate handling. If you are interested in having a shell you own decorated, contact me for information on how to blow the shell out and pack it for shipping.

Below are various other eggs, some specially commissioned. Please call or email if you are interested in a particular design shown anywhere on this site. Special requests of any kind, in the form of "an idea", are always welcome and usually possible. Most shell sizes and types are available and can be shipped anywhere in the world. I will decorate shells that you own as well. My contact information is posted at the bottom of this page.

If you have enjoyed looking at these photographs and would like more information about my Ukrainian Eggs or egg decorating in general, be sure to contact me at this address. View the Egg links listed on this page for suppliers and other egg sites.

Prices range from $10.00-US for simple single-color designs on chicken eggs to approximately $300.00-US and up for complex ostrich eggs. Stands available by special order separately, if you desire. Special handmade gift boxing available on request for orders over $75.00-US.

Generally speaking, a single goose egg can be shipped to most places in the US for approximately $10.00-US and an ostrich egg around $15.00-US, using the regular postal services. Chicken eggs often can be shipped for about $3.00 to 5.00-US. Rush orders can be handled by courier. (Your specific order will be calculated and you will pay the actual postage or shipping only for your situation.) Price requests for any egg(s) are always welcome by phone or email.

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