Handcrafted Eggshell Jewelry

As an experimenter more often than not, I like to branch out to new ideas and try things untried by others. While making jewelry from eggshell is not new, not much has been made using the wax-resist process because it is so labor-intensive. And while wire-wrapped jewelry has been done in lapidary arts for many years, this may be the one of the first eggshell pieces made using that technique. I was told by a wire-wrapping jewelry-maker that anything softer than stone or glass would probably chip or break during the wrapping procedure. By using the basic process but making adaptions, I was able to create this first piece, unscathed. This pendant is goose eggshell, chased in 10k gold-filled and sterling silver wire.

(Custom designs upon request and finished jewelry, as it becomes available). Please email for details.)

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