Photo Files for Viewing Available and Sold Pieces

This is a list of my work currently available. You may maneuver by clicking on the above categories or scroll for the entire list. Eggs marked "Sold" or "Private Collection " usually can be re-created in a similar fashion as a special order commission. (Several views shown, in some cases).

Rather than posting prices eggs here, I would appreciate customers contacting me directly. I would like customers to let me know how much they would like to spend on an egg and I will gladly work within that framework. My work generally ranges from around $10 for simple single-color designs on chicken eggs to about $300.00 for decorated ostrich shells. I do have a few pieces at higher prices than this. I will always guarantee customer satisfaction of my work prior to shipping. Work can be viewed in progress via the Internet. All eggs carry a money back guarantee against breakage during shipping.

Please contact me by phone or email if you are interested in something you see here or interested in having a design of your own choosing. Phone: (250)679-3453 or email: gbarkman@ and inquire about the availability of a specific egg(s) or describe what you would like to special order.

OSTRICH SHELL ARTWORK — (shell sizes approximately 5" to 5.5" x 6" to 6.5")

Ostrich Egg - "Relentless Travellers"

Ostrich Egg -"Medley in Turquoise"

Ostrich Egg - "Big Horn & Bluebird"

GOOSE SHELL ARTWORK — (shell sizes approximately 2.5" x 3.5")

Goose Egg - Black Bass, hanging ornament

Goose Egg - Star Medallion with ribbons, hanging egg

Goose Egg - Elk and Night Sky, hanging egg

Goose Egg - Watercolor flower, hanging egg

Goose Egg - ZigZags with 2 Suns, hanging egg

DUCK SHELL ARTWORK — (shell sizes approximately 1.75" x 2.75" but variable)

Duck Egg - Running Deer with Lace Border, hanging egg

Duck Egg - Pinecones and Branches, hanging egg

Duck Egg - Red Dove with Olive Branch, hanging egg Reverse says "Peace on Earth in the Year 2000" (Green "granite" background effect),

CHICKEN SHELL ARTWORK — (shell sizes extremely variable)

Brown Chicken Egg - Acorns and Oak Leaves, hanging egg

Brown Chicken Egg - Fish, hanging egg

Brown Chicken Egg - Rose Window, hanging egg

Brown Chicken Egg - Red Star/Cross, hanging egg

Chicken Egg - Rams and Tree, hanging egg

Chicken Egg - Chick and Hen with Flowers

Chicken Egg - Diagonal Pine and Bayberry, hanging egg

Chicken Egg - Fleur (Flowers)

Chicken Egg - Flowers


Chicken Egg - Fish - (Sold)

Chicken Egg - Butterfly with Anemone & Caterpillar - (Sold)

Extra Small Chicken Egg - Tiny White Star, hanging egg - (Sold)

Duck Egg - "Stained Glass" Poinsettia, hanging egg - (Sold)

Duck Egg - Scratched Flowers on Red Background, hanging egg - (Sold)

Ostrich Egg - "Coronation" - (Sold)

Chicken Egg - Poinsetta, hanging - (Sold)

Goose Egg - "Tribute to Adam's River Sockeye - (Sold)

Goose Egg - Red Medallion with ribbons, hanging egg - (Sold)

Chicken Egg - 2 Rams under PineTree - (Sold)


Goose Egg - Crown of Thorns, hanging egg

Goose Egg - Floral Swirl, hanging egg

Goose Egg - 2 Rams, hanging egg

Goose Egg - Peacock

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