Egglinks & More

The following links are some that I feel are helpful or interesting sites to visit. If you are interested in purchasing supplies in Canada or the US or want to know more about the art of pysanky in general, take a look at these locations:

If you are looking for someone that will paint a mural for you or do some wonderful calligraphy, take a look at Laura Willis' site. She is located in Canoe, British Columbia but will ship her work worldwide. She does some beautiful work.

The following link is for "Arts Unique" a site created by June Greene. She is a Chinese Brush Painting artist. June has graciously created a "Visiting Artist" location at her site. Her site provides an interesting and informative collection of artists from many disciplines, including links to their sites. You will want to visit her own gallery of paintings, as well.

There is a vast amount of printed material available from various sources on pysanky, but this is a publication as of July, 2000. If you are looking for help on creating your own pysanky or looking for instructional materials to aid yourself or other students in a workshop, consider purchasing this booklet, "Creating Pysanky Ukrainian Easter Eggs" by Elizabeth Boyer Cooney. The author has been the teacher of many workshops in New York and Maine. Lisa focuses on the student "thoroughly learning the technique" in a workshop style format. In addition to historical information, symbolism and the basic "how-to's", her chapter on Important Tips and Tricks covers many of the pitfalls that beginners often encounter. She addresses some of the many questions that come up concerning the preparation of egg surfaces, dyes and wax. With great thoroughness, she discusses aspects of waxing, dyeing, bleaching, blowing out and finishing eggs.

"Creating Pysanky Ukrainian Easter Eggs" is a 34 page color booklet available for $14.95 in the US and $20.95 in Canada. To purchase this booklet, contact the author using this email link.

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