hiking in whistler

These are a combination of two hikes to Chekamous Lake and along Rainbow Creek.

The hike to Chekamous is a walk through some really old growth forest. First some of the area was logged nearly 50 years ago and then there are areas that were cut about 90 years ago or not at all. These trees don't grow nearly as large as the big cedars but they are big, none-the-less. I was having knee trouble so we turned back shortly before arriving at the lake. Didn't want to have to drag myself out or have anyone carry me. As usual, I took some pictures too quickly and did not allow the autofocus to do its job. And the extreme sunlight or the very dark forest kind of makes the colors seem strange. Ignore that. At least you can get an idea of size of the trees.

This is a dead tree leaning against a live one.
This tree has to be at least 5 feet or more in diameter. We saw some as big as about 8 feet in diameter.
Here is a shot looking up.
Most of the forest floor was so dark that not very much was really growing underneath the canopy in most cases.

The Rainbow hike had a few interesting mushroom shots. The brown mushroom reminds me of the house I photographed before.

This is a shot of two trees that both curved in the same manner, twice in a circle. Perhaps this was caused by man or occurred naturally. The area was logged mid-century. We found evidence of old broken down logger shacks but did not photograph any.